Unwanted Sponsorship


A leading manufacturer of composite decking (Client) was the lead sponsor for a NASCAR racing team.  The Client shifted their marketing strategy, and decided it no longer wanted to participate with NASCAR.  Unfortunately, due to the structure of their sponsorship agreement, the Client had a significant financial obligation remaining, and could not simply back out of the sponsorship.


Anchor purchased the sponsorship at full cost in the form of Trade Credits. Anchor worked closely with the NASCAR racing team to find a new sponsor.  As it turned out, one of Anchor’s existing clients took over the sponsorship.


With the change in marketing strategy, the Client purchased Local Television and Radio, along with Digital Media through Anchor.  Media was delivered at the existing guidelines, specifications, pricing and added value developed by the Client’s multiple local and national Media Agencies. 


  • Client was able to pivot its marketing strategy without losing money on a contractual sponsorship obligation.
  • Media was delivered adhering to the established media buying strategy and pricing developed by the Client’s media agency.