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Driving Retail Sales: A Programmatic Story

Campaign Overview

  • Industry: Retail (Online and Offline) ​
  • Objective: Increase Retail Sales and Achieve Sub ~$12 CPO, 80%+ Viewability ​
  • Activation: Programmatic
  • Channels: Display, Online Video, Streaming Audio, and Connected TV​
  • Audience: Adults 25-54 w/HHI <$50k​
  • Geo: National & Hyperlocal Franchisee Support Campaigns


DSP Utilization

  • Leveraged in-house team for comprehensive reach and targeting capabilities.
  • Tailored test and learn strategies to maximize effectiveness.
  • Utilized dynamic creative optimizations for personalized messaging.​

Audience Targeting

  • Implemented advanced retargeting strategies to engage users who had previously shown interest.​
  • Leveraged CDP datasets to connect with existing customers with more relevant messages to increase LTV.
  • Employed lookalike modeling and third-party custom data segments to expand reach based on customer profiles​ to reach potential customers based on their online activities.​
  • Cultivated PMPs, cookie-less targeting, and contextual AI-driven models to further drive performance in the ever-evolving ecosystem.


  • Cost Efficiency: Drove 30%+ Savings Across Display, Video, CTV & Audio
  • ROI: Delivered a YoY 1000%+ Increase


“Anchor drove the strategic deployment of multiple DSPs, diverse channel utilization, and targeted audience approaches, resulting in a highly successful programmatic ad campaign. The campaign not only met, but exceeded the set goals, showcasing the effectiveness of the chosen strategies.”

-Director of Media, Retail

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