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A domestic retailer of headwear (Client) had multiple lease obligations in various retail and mall locations throughout the U.S.  The revenue produced at these locations was not enough to sustain a profitable business. 

Anchor paid the Client an amount, in both Cash and Trade Credit, that was equal to the remaining lease obligations.  This payment from Anchor gave the Client the ability to exit their leases without taking any financial losses.  In exchange for this payment, the Client then committed to purchasing a pre-determined amount of their existing media budget through Anchor.

Anchor placed the Client’s National Cable, Local Television and Digital Media. Media was delivered to the existing guidelines, specifications, pricing and added value, all developed by the Client’s agency.  The media posted its guaranteed goals, and a media audit was performed which further confirmed delivery.

• Client avoided the losses inherent with subletting the locations.
• Media was delivered adhering to the established media buying strategy and pricing developed by the Client’s agency.

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