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Fleet Vehicles


A well-known global pharmaceutical company (Client) purchases significant numbers of cars on an ongoing basis for its outside sales teams.  When the Client performed a detailed fleet analysis, it was discovered that the actual residual value of the cars was $10MM, while the residual book value was over $16MM. 

Anchor paid the Client the full residual book value in the form of cash and Trade Credits.   Anchor worked closely with the Client to ensure the vehicles were disposed of in a manner that met their internal and external guidelines.

The Client purchased National Cable Television through Anchor.  Media was delivered to the existing guidelines, specifications, pricing and added value developed by the Client’s global Media Agency.  The media posted to its guaranteed goals, and a media audit was performed which further confirmed delivery. In addition to media purchases, the Client was able to use Anchor Trade Credits to offset the cash cost of purchasing through some of their existing vendors through Anchor’s Client-Directed Trading program. 


  • The client was able to recover the loss in the residual value at the end of their fleet vehicle cycle.
  • Media was delivered adhering to the established media buying strategy and pricing developed by the Client’s media agency.

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